Serving the Small and Middle Market Companies

Corporate Restructuring

Since 2008, words such as “Restructuring”, “Cost-Cutting”, and “Default” have made front page headlines in virtually every financial newspapers and websites. Even successful and well run companies encounter difficulties as a result of industry consolidation, market volatility, economic cycles and other factors. It is very important to quickly analyze what causes the “difficulty” and what can be done to quickly resolve this difficulty and move the business towards long-term profitability.

We provide highly specialized services relating to the development of solutions for complex, underperforming or distressed businesses. We work extremely quickly to assess the situation and to tailor strategies and implementation plans necessary to protect and enhance the shareholders’ value.

Our Services include
  • In-depth financial reviews
  • Financial and Business planning
  • Operational and other business strategies

Both qualitative and quantitative aspects go hand in hand. In addition to quantitative analysis, we look at the more qualitative aspect of the company – Industry overview, Peer Analysis, Market Size and Share Analysis and Business Viability.

We work very closely with management and shareholders and develop a viable strategy to address the current situation and maximize business value via implementation of an effective restructuring plan.

Services for Small and Lower Middle Market Companies