Serving the Small and Middle Market Companies


We advise business owners on how best to position their companies for sale. We begin each engagement by gaining an understanding of the seller's personal and financial objectives and developing strategies for value maximization. In a typical engagement we may provide assistance to the seller in one or more of the following capacities:

Pre-sale preparation
  • Understand the seller’s personal and financial objectives and identify opportunities for value maximization
  • Develop clear understanding of the industry key trends, industry leaders activities’ and macroeconomic environment
Identifying prospective buyers
  • Undertake market research to identify the most suitable candidates
Contacting potential buyers
  • Solicit interest from potential buyers and manage confidential agreements
Prepare the confidential information memorandum
  • Reflect the current and future potential of the business in a highly positive but realistic manner
The buyer’s due diligence process
  • Facilitate the exchange of confidential information between the parties to the transaction
Documentation & Closing
  • Assist in final documentation and close the dea

Services for Small and Lower Middle Market Companies