Serving the Small and Middle Market Companies

Investment Banking Support

We provide comprehensive array of services to lower and middle market investment banks, independent financial advisory firms and corporate finance divisions of larger corporations and financial institutions. Having worked with several firms, we understand the concerns in this industry in terms of turnaround time, quality and value addition to key documents. We provide high-caliber research and analytical services to our clients. Our services include:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Deal Origination Support
  • Identifying acquisitions targets / buyers
  • Profiling shortlisted targets / buyers
  • Preparing Pitch books
Deal Execution Support
  • Preparing confidential information memorandums
  • Preparing investment teasers
  • Financial Modeling
    • Financial statements analysis
    • DCF modeling
    • Public comparable company analysis
    • Precedent transaction analysis
    • LBO modeling
    • Accretion / Dilution analysis
    • Capital structure analysis
    • WACC analysis
    • Sensitivity analysis
  • Preparing management and investor presentations
  • Soliciting interest from targets/buyers
  • Conducting due-diligence investigation
  • Structuring and closing the deal

By having us performing these tasks, senior bankers can focus on the strategic aspect of each transaction, build stronger relationship with clients and source more deals.


Equity Capital Markets

We assist global and national investment banks in capital raising process through our capital markets support services. Our services include:

Market Research
  • Company Profiling
  • Sector/Sub-sector Research
  • IPO activity report in a particular sector
  • New IPOs issue analysis
  • Analysis of new regulations and their impact
Execution Support
  • Pitch books
  • IPO documents/prospectus drafting support
  • Pre-IPO Valuation Analysis
    • DCF modeling
    • Precedent transactions analysis
    • Public comparable company analysis
  • WACC analysis
  • Capital structure analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis

Services for Small and Lower Middle Market Companies